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Monday, November 12, 2012

Chapter 24 - Love in the Forest

Chapter 24
Love in the Forest

     Events happened too quickly, Ka Emir for the first time finds himself  captured by warm embrace and tender loving arms of Eliza. Save for the birds chirping in trees, it was love speaking between two passionate creation of opposite persuasion – he a Catholic priest and she a naïve lady with an urban upbringing.  Mustering enough courage to maintain his sanity would have been the best thing to do but love was probably too overwhelming finding its own way out from the clutches of the past between two unexpected creature wedged by irresistible passion keen on making its day in the present amid the forest.  Two poles far apart about to bend all in the name of love, a forbidden love affair getting feverish building into torrid climax about to explode only to be taken aback by the thought of losing his priestly vocation – all these juxtaposed in the a fleeting moment of passion and indecision only two people in love holds the key as an answer.
           Such scene would have been a masterpiece of all creation any artist willing to exploit but there was none except silence and humming of bees as mute witnesses of two lovers caught in the stillness of the night.  Did Adam not succumb to Eve anyway at the height of temptation in the Garden of Eden? What could he do anyway, he’s also mere human being, a knight in  shining armor whose shaft could be as hotter and harder as anybody else.
        The young priest reconsidered for a moment wanting to resolve the issue only to lost completely again his sanity trapped  into the deep abyss as Liza’s moist lips began touching his warm lips  scooping his moist tongue against her’s. Like cascading waterfalls came rushing to the sea, it’s all what Liza needs to break free Ka Emir’s nerve of steel of pretension  liberating  that lust which has been deprived by the institution he’s representing over centuries of bondage. No wonder that men and women all throughout the world are sacrificing themselves as willing victims falling on the same trap playing this very crazy game called love.  Liza was hot too as her hands reached out his shaft and as she strikes it feeding against her opening sent her jerking in ecstasy.   With her two tits getting rigid as he kissed them, she would tilt her head upward eyes closed savoring the indescribable happiness from sustained erotic sensation and excitement.  This, she was convinced was the fulfillment of her womanhood so graciously exploited  rubbing her off her innocence too deflowering her chastity to a man she  taught to be what God gives her as possible mate for life . Ditto with Ka Emir feeling lighter after shaking off the bondage of celibacy that has  imprisoned him for so long sending his signal of living the world with all its trappings and sophistication awakened in jubilation. 
           “Who am I and why can’t I,” were the questions cropped up addressing the very foundation of his being.
           “And why not, why really not . . . ” was his own answer coming alive his   wisdom  learned from classics and Existentialism.
           Caught in the swirling mood reeling  of excitement, he finally mounted over her anticipating an explosion of immense  power  down under  accumulating over time from past decades. His phallus now going wild too hot to handle became crazy. Finding his mark of her opening easily slips through her vagina penetrating her soft but warm vaginal canal. Hugging her tightly, he works his way in first gradually thrusting and then as rhythm regularly established pumping feverishly until in full–throttle  her orgasm catching up with him gradually and later violently. Reaching for the  climax  both exploded together planting everything what he got inside his egg sac into Liza’s uncharted  deep holy hole.
            Happiness could be seen all over as sweat continues dropping profusely glistening their tired bodies. 
           “Many thanks and I’m sorry  if I was just too fast accommodating you,” Liza whispered to Driarco now regaining his sanity and she wondering whatever damage she inflicted into this innocent man in cassock.
           But there was no response except for their still  bated breath as if their last.  His warm lips kissed her forehead instead wet of perspiration his fingers running gently through her long and thick black hair.
           “Why forgiveness?” he uttered.
           “What is there to forgive when both of you love each other with mutual respect still intact,” the young priest qualified further giving  Liza benefits of  her doubts.
           “Isn’t it this what should love be all about – two people of different persuasions diametrically opposing uncharacteristic background sacrificing everything toward the middle bending all in the name of love!”
           True enough love just finds its way out from religious bigotry of the past. 
           “But isn’t it all is fair in love ?” his quick additional defense caught by the viral fast spreading imprisoning his entire system eating away his ego caught by the magic of her implacable affection to her. 
           “And happens yet from the most unexpected place to boot,” Liza’s rejoinder beaming with smile her silvery tears started flowing down from her sunken socket to her beautiful well-chiseled beautiful face carried by the treatise that is love from an unexpected love of her life.
           “Yap and it looks like Jose Feliciano’s song was exclusively written for us amidst thick forest under the bright moon.”
           Seems like the proposal is in the air, Liza observes. And all she could do is stare his face speechless  melting her heart away waiting his confirmation.
           “Would you marry me then?”
           “Yes and I will,” he said in soft voice appreciating the sincerity of the young Catholic priest.
           “Unless fate has some other things in store for us I’m now declaring my commitment to you,” he went on as if every words spoken count.
           “Whatever I’ve done on my vocation, God only knows,” he said secretly.
He was partly right, remembering the advice of the Bishop Valdez not to surrender his vocation to        Marcos.  Now Ka Emir thought that the prince of the church was also partly wrong.
           “There’s love one could easily falls into at the expense of one’s priestly vocation as well in other words,” he cleared.
            “Many are called but few are chosen was probably the common denominator.  Serving Him wholeheartedly is after all everybody’s business whether you are a clergy or mere layman” he clarified. 
           Liza was similarly unperturbed listening Driarco and just like him too, leaves the rest to God.  As liberated woman herself, she knows what it takes living without any strict rules to follow planning and executing many ambitious projects satisfying her intellectual interest with relish until she finds herself involved in underground movement. Her deliberate efforts in identifying her cause with that of the rebels  has never been challenged by her good self.  She just outgrows it.  With Ka Emir now besides her, she is hoping she should further stretch her imagination serving  in whatever capacity she could contribute helping the movement grow. At least there is still time and she’s still alive.  Right now she doesn’t discount the idea that she might be caught by any government trooper  specially what with that handsome P500,000.00 reward over her head for her capture dead or alive. 
           “Who cares? It’s the price many of her comrades paid. No problems even if she is put next in line.  But not now especially with someone very special person coming into her life,” she thought bargaining. 
           What if she would soon become a mother, will she change and go back to the fold of law.  She’s not sure.  Time could only tell.
           The candle light flickering on the table soon ran out of its light.  The wax gradually stopped accumulating one droplet after another.  Gush of wind came blowing but its light stood tall defying each time every whisper of winds strike back.  Losing its light, they were engulfed anew by darkness.
They’re the only two fortunate creature’s occupant of that small nipa hut reserved for visitors by Ka Aris, the overall commander of the group.  Learning that love blooms between Ka Liza and Ka Emir, he offered it to them for their own special needs.  All members recognized that need and they are willing to welcome any other further development.  As former Catholic priest, he has been accorded with almost a carpet accommodation but Ka Emir deliberately shrugged it off to avoid mistrust creeping.  Others call him “Pads”, Visayan Street English and corruption of the word “Father”, a name he doesn’t mind getting.
           Both are still wide awake and preoccupied thinking what would be their life next. Would they continue just living–in as common-law couple or pursue their wedding ceremony. What if Ka Emir would be out joining his men in the operation? And what if he would be dead.  These are some queries playing on her mind but she decided to take it one at a time allowing everything to fall into their proper place separating what is essential from superficial.
           “How you’ve been sweetheart,” Driarco whispered gently.
           “Fine, feeling great besides you.  Hope this would be forever. . . . “
           “Till death even do us part then . . . .”
           “Even beyond death, you mean as it merely special growth taking place to a love simply immortal and divine.”
           “Really an endless love we should know . . . ,”
           Embracing each other again, their eyes speak of love once more.  Slowly, Liza get her lips closer to his’. After feasting with each other’s sweetness earlier, Liza thought that there should be next making the best of their sexual binge. Reciprocating his industry earlier, she had his phallus fondled shivering Ka Emir.  The more she squeezed the more however it fights back erect. Masturbating it gently somehow  did him good only after he helped her pressed her two hands back and forth creating friction too hard to handle for him. Wanting to save his juice, he helped her withdrew her hands and hurriedly feed his shaft into her watery opening. Realizing she was becoming frenzy, he took her by the buttocks and guiding his way in pushing anew going back to the rhythm of the night. Silence was all over the place except for the rhythmic sound of thatched bamboo flooring created following a simulated beat each time the thrust was performed in succession.   Nearing climax, he waited for her to catch up her orgasm with him and there after panting as if gasping for last breath, both again exploded for good.
           “I hope we could be married the soonest possible time this after I would get release paper from Vatican. Never mind how they would do it. I’m giving them umbrella authority to do it for us after all we have already unofficially started our married life,” Driarco cleared.
Both could hardly imagine the sexual experience they had last night.  It was par excellence.  Liza herself experienced multiple orgasm before since her puberty age.  Self manipulation, fondling of clitoris, caressing of  nipples and several other forms – these have been part of her active sexual life providing her sexual contentment. But what she encountered last night with Driarco was a revelation.  It was the real thing.  It makes her fulfilled.  Her shining but naïve face reflecting mirror  of contentment and utmost happiness shows and avers her sense of sexual fulfillment. Silence ensued, this time for good.
           Outside the collective voice of the rebels in their daily exercise keep on booming.  The goose-stepping is rather awkward. This is obvious because they were not wearing boots but sandals, the rest barefooted.
           The unwed couple looks fresh after shower from nearby cold spring.  They were surprised to see comrades in arms preparing a banquet upon their return to the hut.  All the rest were beaming with smiles and collectively one in spirit for today’s important celebration.  For Driarco, it could be a completely different wedding ceremony he had conducted or administered in parishes he served in the past.  It would also be officially a culmination of his life as an officiating priest of the Catholic Church, a fact he doesn’t crow against as he did not solicit it.  He just rather outgrows it.  And he’s ready defending it against those who would think otherwise.  A priest once ordained is still a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek only he cannot dispense any sacrament unless there is an official approval from Vatican.  All is fair in love after all whether in war or in peace.
On the contrary at least he should be given credit for his honesty what with his decision of coming out in the open settling down with Liza albeit the foreign nuptial ceremony at hand. He recalls too many priests who have sired several children with their church goers and are still dispensing sacraments or having an illicit relationship with others, a glaring example of living double standard of morality.  Like any other priests, he does not discount the idea that the church might allow its priest to marry. 
“But when? Never mind,” he would readily conceded.
“What is important is consistency. So what if loving a woman is taking her to the altar showing to the world you are embarking on such journey despite you’re being an ordained Catholic priest? At least you earned respect from people and parishioners never mind harsh to the Catholic hierarchy rocking its long cherished vow of chastity,” reflected the young priest of his two classmates from the seminary whose marriage were performed by themselves one after the other. The antics actually stirred the Catholic Church picked up by the Media.
“No rocking of the boat baby. Now that you are married, welcome aboard and by all means be happy,” his message from one of his articles learning the new venture of once his batch mates and contemporaries from the seminary.
“Well said but tough act to do,” his empathy relating his predicament now to them.
  It might not also be a far-fetched idea that the issue of optional celibacy fanned out by such firebrand theologian Carl Jung who sparked the ire of Vatican would remain as controversial and implacable as ever among religious, layman and other progressive and practicing Christians.  Experience has taught him it’s not easy living everyday inside the four corners of a convent.  And priests who don’t know how to manage their time are rather susceptible to loneliness, any secular priest knows how hard to handle.  Of course, man has libido permanently tucked right under his belt aptly articulated by such great minds as James Joyce and Sigmund Freud. But Driarco would like to think that it would be  the height of stupidity correlating satisfaction of their animal nature desirous of sexual pleasure and divine calling of priestly vocation.  Otherwise, there would have been no Sts. Augustine, Francis of Assisi. There would have been no Missionaries and Spanish Prelates assigned before in the country propagating their race in the process.  The ever continuing supply of vocations especially among the religious life is in itself manifestation of miracle at work here.  Personally, Driarco would rather be lenient on  issue of priest leaving their vocation despite thousands of exodus to family as experienced in U.S. and in the country alarming many sensitive theologians. It’s just natural movement.  And it’s better definitely than clinging helplessly to their priestly vocation while maintaining a  mistress on the other at the back of the convent.
“It’s another miracle at work here,” he supposed.
 It’s just a question of honesty therefore, period. What he feels uncomfortable however is the nagging question among his peers and parishioners regarding his involvement in the underground first as supporter and later as leader and now armed combatant.  He himself would like to remain calm and would not engage in rhetoric.
“Come, live, see and experience if you too would not be drawn to Nationalist struggle for democracy,” he would sometimes explain his side.
It’s one of the mysteries he is yet to solve.  And if he dies without solving them, he doesn’t mind.  He doesn’t even guarantee that he would remain and dies as a rebel.  What he is certain of is that God has many ways in working His way to all people. It depends on how man responds.  He would recall the painful transformation from a mere parish priest in Esperanza to a rebel right now.  Very difficult indeed to explain.  Among others, it just doesn’t make any sense wearing cassock preaching good news without ever practicing it.  Anyway, the thought that there have been  many others in the movement doing similar work as he and the rest still coming joining the nationalist struggle, is a lasting consolation. Again, he would not be surprised if there would consistent supply of priest to the cause for the peoples’ struggle unless if priest’s conscience is not working.
“While man engages in evil, there would always be people like him who would come into their rescue,” his experience validated.
 What if democracy would be alive and thriving?  That would be time he would not worry most.  He is therefore willing to come out in the open and help it grows.
. . . . . . . . . . . .

“So congratulations for both of you Ka Emir and Ka Liza,” Ka Aries said greeting the couple as they come out from the Nipa hut. Both acknowledge the warm good cheer.
“We’re grateful to all of you. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas. What a surprise gift to us,” Ka Emir responded.
“You’re right.  We didn’t deliberately inform you about this stuff to let you know that you and Liza have done great things to our Nationalist’s Democratic struggle.
“We have already arranged your nuptial service this morning precisely you can see many new faces around.  I invited them to come over and join our celebration. Ka Mario over there would be the one to solemnize your marriage.  In few more minutes we would be starting the ceremony.  Good luck again to both of you,” the unassuming Ka Aris informed the couple.
“I couldn’t believe this,” Liza exclaimed Ka Emir pressing his palm.
“But it’s true. Right?”
Liza nodded.
Meanwhile, one of a comrade hoisted a streamer at the back of the table where the couple seated. It’s red and visibly shown was huge wooden hammer and sickle.  Another comrade brought in M-16 Armalite. He puts it on the table.  It signals the start of the nuptial ceremony.
It was one of the simplest ceremonies.  It started with a song to the accompaniment of a guitar.  The couple in their casual dress passing through an arm parade proceeded taking their position facing Ka Mario. With hand clasp, the officiating comrade extolled the would-be couple to be true to the calling of Nationalist Struggle for Democracy. As a sign of that commitment both Ka  Emir  and Ka Lisa  accepted the M-16 Armalite one after the other.  They then repeated the vow of commitment after Ka Mario reads each line from a red booklet. 
During the wedding ceremony, the usual informal proceeding was observed – candles lighted and to bind them together a sponsor draped their shoulder with a cloth with sequined revolutionary hammer and sickle on flag held in place by a long beaded cord tied over them symbolizing lasting and stronger married life. And instead of coins to signify prosperity, live bullets were held in each other’s hand representing commitment in armed struggle. Soon patriotic songs were sang after Ka Emir sealed his commitment with a kiss ending the ceremony. Thunderous applause and catcalls followed.
“Congratulations again darling. God bless us,” Ka Emir uttered planting a kiss to her lips brimming with happiness. Hugging Liza, they both arose acknowledging the good cheer of their comrade in arms around.  Only then the clapping subsided.
Ka Aris who was sitting nearby was fidgeting the groom to give a talk, any relevant in-puts to the well-wishers.  Outside the venue nearby, the smoke still bellows.  The sight of two roasted pigs now almost cooked was very inviting.  It would be served for everybody. Ka Emir begins clearing his throat d said.
“Many thanks indeed for everybody specially Ka Aris who made this modest celebration possible. I never knew that my involvement with the peoples’ struggle would reached this far. As we all know our lives is only given once as such should also be lived once.  I’m not sure if anybody right here in this place regretted for having spent part of your life in this crusade for national liberation. I bet  your answer would be ‘I don’t think so.’ Not surprising.”
“In fact, even if we would trace our footprints together before we found ourselves where we are today, I would still believe such path is just a prelude to a lasting search for peace and freedom pursued by our great grandfathers since the revolution of 1898. Remember as I’m always saying it at the point of saturation, freedom is only for the brave.  Right now, as I embark on a new phase of my life with my lovely wife Liza, I’d like to renew that commitment. Come what may.  As long as we live that life abundantly even only once is for me more than enough. And I can’t find no other better opportunity of living it than being with you all the rest of my life.”
“Indeed you would recall that today’s struggle for national liberation is just a continuation of our forefather’s struggle against the foreign invaders of the past. They have shown how dear freedom is to our lives.  This they did by fighting the enemies tooth and nail at the last ounce of their lives to the last drop of their blood.  This what exactly what our national heroes did notably Lapulapu of Mactan in Visayas, Sultan Kudarat in Mindanao, Bonifacio, Antonio Luna, Aguinaldo, Mabini and many others in Luzon. As you probably know it, they fought while they were still in their prime. Rizal, Bonifacio Aguinaldo and the rest of the gang were still in their early twenties when they raised their voices and arms against the Spanish conquerors. “
“So too with everybody else here today, we are all you know mature, young yet have been living witnesses to injustices committed by those in the helm of power, young yet willing to sacrifice our lives for the freedom of the motherland, young and yet bruised all over by abuses of imperialism perpetuated by Uncle Sam and his local cohorts and accomplices. Lastly,  young yet brave enough  coming into this place as a community  forever strong imbuing us the power so strong no one can break it because it’s impregnable  collective strength stored in the heart of every Filipinos not even our enemies to withstand any harrowing experience are still living as one  with a dream of getting the tyrants out  and we – our leaders most specially  - leading us to the dawn of new day coming  to an age that life is never meant for the selected few only – the rich, powerful and tyrants but most specially for all, the majority poor and the downtrodden taken for a ride by those in the corridors of power.
“For a little digression here, allow me please to give you benefits of your doubts why I’m here before you,” this one rings a bell to each combatant’s ear.
“There have been queries why is there a need for me to go this far momentarily taking off my cassock  to fight the aggressors. Incidentally, said question has been rendered moot and academic and I don’t personally think that it is that surprising. I believe it would only be an amazing tale if we  - priests, religious, laity and any other ordinary Christians – didn’t find our familiar  way here living and fighting with you.  That  would be great tragedy in the light of present situation. I’m not sure if everybody by now already learned what happened to my family and to me when I was assigned as parish priest in Esperanza.  It’s been an open secret anyway.  If they were able to commit that abuse against my family and parishioners, I don’t see any reason why they could not do the same offense against any ordinary men like you here.”
“Again, this is what we said ours is merely continuation of the past struggle in whatever form abuses are committed.  The important variable of this is our response. Precisely our involvement with this struggle showing how far and to what extent we would allow injustice to go.  What we have been doing so far, it’s for everybody’s business and for the next generation to come. In short for each and every Filipino’s future.  What happens to you happens to me and to everybody else regardless of age, persuasion and creed.  Unless those who love so much their lives would not heed the call of the time, I don’t think they would survive that long.  I myself would have not been before you today had I opted in staying in the convent.  And what if those occupying the front pews in the church are the very persons that caused you misfortunes. It’s ridiculous giving homily of pardon and love, don’t you think so my friends? That’s what exactly happened to me and the rest – workers or non-workers of the church – who went ahead of us up there,” he further clarified his index finger pointing upward stressing his point.
Taking an important item inside his pocket, he lifts it up for everybody to see.
‘Do you see this?” he said raising up high the small bottle.
“Small bottle right?” he probed.
“But for the rest who can’t probably figure out what this is. Of course, just a small receptacle.”
“It’s no ordinary receptacle however.”
“Look at the items inside. Three needles right?”
“But they are not any ordinary needles though but customized ones to appear as such but just enough to cause your death!” he said getting the interest of the people around at the same time shaking it  causing a sound just enough to be heard.
“Indeed these are no ordinary needles never utilized in sewing nor any other related activities instead in killing sweetly innocent people covering up what seemingly look like there’s semblance of ordinary death. But not until you discovered it that  was planted right on your cranium in murdering you . . . ,” audience were stunned.
“The same instrument incidentally was used in killing my father and another father of a good friend of mine, accomplices and just anyone else that they don’t like to see their face again. Poor guys offered as sacrifice by the Powers-that-be in perpetuating themselves in power,” he confided but not knowing how many more casualties there is dead that way.
“I repeat these small pointed instruments are no ordinary tool of killing people. Tibetan’s have their own needle as their own prized possession secured in an elegant leather jacket. The WOLVES of RSM incidentally enhanced that nonetheless used it leaving their empty jacket to be refilled with new needles once planted to the cranium of the victim,” he said pausing summoning enough air to breath.
From the silence, it was clear that the audience was more shocked than informed.
“By the way, I’m keeping it myself as souvenir to remember what evil men are capable of doing. One of this would be given back to a son of  real owners in an  appropriate time comes,” he said but his voice slowing down learning that his good friend has been on the other side of the fence protecting the status quo.
“Unfortunately . . . . he might not able to receive it . . . .”
“Not sure of his status now. But hopefully we’ll meet in God’s time.”
“I need to meet him because these needles would be restless until they are put back secured in their original leather jacket!”
            “Now going back to my homily, even if we would stretch further our imagination across the seas, we would still found out  priest themselves ended up not just as mere supporters but armed combatants as well.  This what exactly happened to Cardenal brother-priests themselves of Nicaragua. Unfortunately, we have to learn yet what happened to Sandinista revolution, how they successfully waged their struggle to the end.”
“The brutal killing then of Somoza by the Sandinista’s bazooka in broad daylight yet at Asuncion indicates a grim reminder to fascist and dictators that the oppressed could give a run of their lives in very ugly and brutal fashion yet.  Having said this, I don’t think Liza and me have anything to say more. Again thanks indeed. Mabuhay and Pilipinas!”
It was well-said piece despite extemporaneous, Ka Aris thought.  Liza beside him joining the rest leads in giving Ka Emir sustained  standing ovation.
 “Mabuhay ang Pilipinas pa rin” collectively and repeatedly chorused by all comrades raising their clenched fists erupted and vibrated around the open space, their voices echoing afar among the trees in the forest.

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